Reflections Marriage and Family Therapy, PLLC was formed in August 2019 by Torey Davis after having worked in another local private practice for a decade.

Torey’s Biography


    • BS in Counseling Psychology from the University of Valley Forge
    • MS in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University of Southern California
    • NYS Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist License # 000921
    • Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator
    • Certified SYMBIS Facilitator

Educational Biography

Torey (Colella) Davis was born and raised in Liverpool, NY. She attended Valley Forge Christian College where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and Vanguard University of Southern California where she earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She has worked therapeutically with children, teenagers, young adults and adults. She is trained in psychodynamic object relations therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy. Also trained in issues related to child abuse, spousal and partner abuse, human sexuality, and longterm aging and care.

Unique Christian Perspective

Torey has been able to integrate a unique Christian perspective into her therapeutic approach for those who are interested but will work collaboratively with you depending on your needs and beliefs.  This Christian perspective can best be described as biblical truth coupled with Marriage and Family therapy techniques to take into consideration all components of who you are.

Spiritual Biography

Torey gave her life to Jesus when she was 4 years old. She grew up going to church and participating in various programs within her church where she was challenged to read the bible and commit scripture to memory. While in youth group, she began leading worship and continued this into her adult life, not just at church but at church retreats for girls elementary aged through high school across New York State. She has also directed a church choir as well as the music for a children’s Christmas Pageant. Beginning in youth group she began participating in short term missions trips, several of which were to South America. She continued this into her adult life as well. While in college and beyond, she has volunteered working with youth in the church and teen centers. She also worked with a group which taught abstinence education to school aged children and adolescents.

“Circles” Relationship Education Curriculum 

Torey has written a curriculum called Circles which discusses how our deepest need for intimacy is met through relationship. It outlines several essential ingredients for fostering healthy relationships and gives attendees an opportunity to self reflect on their own relationships. This curriculum was written integrated with faith and with the passion for others to understand that we were created with a desire for relationship with God and with others. If we can understand how to have those needs met in a healthy manner, we will not try to have those needs met in unhealthy, destructive ways. This curriculum can be presented in secular environments as well without integrating the faith perspective. It can also be tailored in length and age appropriateness to meet the unique needs of your group.