Sessions run 50 minutes, typically beginning at the top of the hour. Please be prepared to pay the $110 fee per session in cash, credit or a personal check made payable to “Reflections MFT” at the beginning of each session. You may check with your insurance company based on my credentials and license status to see if they will accept me. If you are unable to pay the amount per session, please speak to me as there are other options we can discuss.

The first session will be an extensive intake. Within the first session I will ask you many different questions about many different areas of your life. While at times they may not seem pertinent, they are extremely important. Please be as clear and precise as possible when answering questions. Remember to have patience during the intake process, it will lay a solid foundation and enable me to better help you.

It is important for you to understand that you will get as much out of therapy as you are able to invest into it. Please be prepared to work, sometimes between sessions. At times I will encourage you and be sensitive to where you are on your journey in life and at other times I may push harder than you’d like. This will all be done in the interest of your personal growth.

As with anything there are risks involved in therapy. Please understand that there is a chance that the pain might increase before it decreases because we may be exploring difficult and painful issues.

If you are uncomfortable with the way therapy is going at any time for any reason or feel that your expectations are not being met I would like to know in order to talk with you about how you are experiencing our time together.